Application of fruit control

CQMa421 Applied on Fruits

The 421 series of products enter the body of pests through body surface invasion, and constantly reproduce to consume nutrients, cause mechanical penetration, produce toxins, and spread among the pest population,

Lethal pests. At the same time, it can actively infect the host and has strong diffusion ability, which makes the pest difficult to produce resistance.

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Hainan Qiongzhong

Control variety: Qiongzhong Green Orange

Implementation time: December 2017

Test area: 1.5 mu

Control object: citrus psylla

Reagent scheme: Metarhizium anisopliae CQMa421 (dispersible oil suspension agent 800 times)

Demonstration objective: to effectively prevent and control the citrus psylla and prevent the spread of citrus yellow dragon disease.

The results showed that as a microbial pesticide, 421 had a control effect of 33.07% at 3 days after treatment, and increased to 80.13% at 14 days after treatment, with more prominent lasting control effect. It has the characteristics of low toxicity, low residue, non-pollution, safe to the environment, active infection of the host, strong diffusion ability, and difficult resistance of pests.